Business Binaural Digital Display Clip-On Bluetooth Earphone With Charging Compartment

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  1. Not in-ear design, ergonomic design, more comfortable
  2. Fully open, the earrings can be worn securely, light and comfortable
  3. ENC intelligent noise reduction for high-definition listening to calls
  4. Clip-on ear design, stable wearing, IPX5 life waterproof and sweatproof
  5. Using nuclear membrane speakers, the sound quality is transparent
  6. Using pulse DT3.0, adaptive directional sound transmission
  7. Detect the shape of the ear canal. And automatically adjust the propagation angle of the integrated sound beam by 25 degrees. To ensure that the sound is efficiently transmitted to the ear canal, effectively reducing 89% of sound leakage
  8. Regardless of the main and secondary earphones. Switch arbitrarily and put an earphone back into the charging compartment. Support single-ear use, left and right ear synchronization and independence, slow down the delay
  9. After receiving the successful pairing, take it out and automatically connect back without redundant operations, humanized design
  10. The body is designed according to ergonomics. And the weight distribution of the earphones is optimized without worrying about the earphones falling off, shaking, and moving
  11. With upgraded pressure-sensitive touch, the left and right ears have separate touch functions to enjoy music more comfortably
  12. Ear clip-type design. Healthy and comfortable design concept. No need to put it in the ear, no need to pick the size of the ear
  13. Activity acoustic mechanism cavity + digital sound enhancement technology brings unexpected HIFI-level sound quality. Transparent high frequency, delicate intermediate frequency, and thick low frequency
  14. Using single and dual-channel Bluetooth technology to connect more quickly. Audio and video synchronization to grasp the dynamics of the battlefield at any time
  15. As long as there is a Bluetooth device. It can be connected, automatically identify various mobile phone and computer models, and effectively improve the problem of delay incompatibility
Business Binaural Digital Display Clip-On Bluetooth Earphone With Charging Compartment
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